Black Moon Lilith in 12 Zodiac Signs of Astrology


In the mystical world of astrology, the Black Moon Lilith holds an enchanting sway. Not a planet or body but rather a point in space, Lilith captures our imagination. Often, this point is associated with the state of wanting, our deep-seated desires, and how we may feel punished for being slow or not living up to societal standards.

While there is an asteroid, Lilith, its interpretation is distinct from that of the Black Moon Lilith. To delve deep into the influence of Black Moon Lilith across the zodiac, it’s essential to consult a Black Moon Lilith ephemeris.

So, what does Lilith signify when positioned in different zodiac signs? Let’s take a journey through the stars.

Lilith in Aries

Aries, known for its assertive and fiery nature, when combined with Lilith, can lead to a discomfort asserting oneself. People with Lilith in Aries might find themselves caught in extremes of behavior, oscillating between self-assertion and a binging and purging cycle. While they may sometimes make self-centered decisions, their path to empowerment lies in self-acceptance and moderation.

Lilith in Taurus

Here, the earthy nature of Taurus clashes with Lilith’s intense energy. Taurus individuals might exhibit self-centered choices and be wary of people expressing Aries traits. This sign experiences extremes of behavior in these areas like self-indulgence, and cycles of hoarding and purging.

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Lilith in Gemini

Gemini, the sign of the twins, can lead to a dilemma when influenced by Lilith. They might become not very assertive or flaunt their intelligence, leading to extremes like speaking too much or too little. These natives might feel ashamed of their basic needs or uncomfortable when their desires are stifled. However, self-acceptance can help empower them.

Lilith in Cancer

Lilith can make Cancer individuals feel deeply misunderstood, oscillating between being needy or dependent and rejecting these basic needs. While they possess a strong nurturing nature, they may be engaged in binging and purging on a social level, resisting labels or feeling ashamed for being compassionate.

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Lilith in Leo

Leos with Lilith might find themselves seeking the spotlight while being wary of people expressing these Leonine traits. They could be caught speaking too much or too little, feeling ashamed for being needy, or ashamed for indulging oneself. Balancing their worldly goals and ambitions with a genuine self-acceptance is crucial.

Lilith in Virgo

Virgo, with its attention to details, can feel the pinch with Lilith. They might set too-high expectations or be shocked at how they can display self-centered traits. Here, moderation and empowerment come from acknowledging imperfections.

Lilith in Libra

Lilith brings forth Libra’s deep-seated needs for companionship and approval. While they might have many projects unfinished, the ebb and flow of dependency and compromise mark their relationships. Libras need to understand they are not ordinary, and it’s okay not always to be eager to please.

Lilith in Scorpio

Scorpio’s intense energy combines with Lilith’s to magnify their own nurturing nature. This combination could lead to extremes, expressing jealousy or possessiveness in a choppy, extreme, and messy way. Yet, self-assertion is their right, and the key lies in balancing their need for intimacy.

Lilith in Sagittarius

In Sagittarius, Lilith pushes individuals to challenge and question life/facts/beliefs. They might feel a tug between being materialistic and wanting to be part of a group. Connecting with their ambitions is essential to bring out their authentic selves.

Lilith in Capricorn

Capricorn, with its strong inclination towards worldly goals and ambitions, meets Lilith’s intensity head-on. This combination can lead to a profound need for intimacy, challenging and questioning societal norms.

Lilith in Aquarius

In Aquarius, Lilith drives the desire to be part of a group, team, or community. However, this might come with a side of curiosity, questions, and restlessness. They might feel uncomfortable around people but have a burning desire to excel and succeed.

Lilith in Pisces

Lilith in Pisces brings forth a dichotomy – being compassionate or wishy-washy. Their spiritual side might feel repressed in some manner, leading them to be uncomfortable with people or certain traits or parts of their personality.


The mystical presence of Lilith in our natal chart unveils layers of our personality that might be stifled, repressed, or deeply misunderstood. Whether it’s the White Moon Selena or the Black Moon Lilith, understanding their influence can help us navigate the complex realms of self-acceptance, moderation, and empowerment. Embrace your Lilith, for she holds the key to aspects of you that, when acknowledged, can transform and lead to profound self-awareness.